Kind regards

Jeanne Corey Marchand

I am a runner.  I never thought I'd say this as I have never "liked" running.  I used to take off as fast as I could and then make it about 2 miles huffing and puffing.  I  have been involved with fitness since I was a teenager.  I started teaching aerobics in the early 80's fresh out of high school.  I did my share of weight training and then started running in 2009 to lose some weight that I gained when I started my part time job in a restaurant at night to help suplement my daughters college. 

My first 5K was the Avon Road Race 2009.  I remember running by people that were cheering me on.  I loved it.  I collasped at the finish and my quads were on fire!  From that point on I was hooked; 2 stress fractures later, 69 marathons, I can now call myself a runner.

I started this blog with a goal to encourage any runner that wants to run their first marathon or has struggled during their marathon.  I want to bring the same joy and euphoria that I expereince with each marathon.  They aren't always good - but with the bad I have a new "lessons learned" that I would like to share. We are all unstoppable!   

Keep running, never give up, we are all "machines"!



RRCA Certified Running Coach

Hartford Marathon Ambassador, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

San Francisco Ambassador, 2017, 2019