Marathon Training

Marathon Training

Some thoughts and Words of wisdom from lessons learned along the way...

"The Marathon"

Don't fear the distance. Embrace it. The Marathon is your Friend. It's calling your name. It will change your life forever. It will change your perspectives on almost everything in life. It will make you believe in yourself.  It will make you realize that you have so much inner strength and that you can accomplish anything.

The distance is not any harder than your longest training run. It's all about completing it and doing whatever you need to do to get there. Run, walk, or race the whole distance. Just have fun doing it. Most of us are not going to win, but we're all going to finish as winners. There's more than enough time to finish your dream. Run until you need to walk. Walk until you're ready to run. Just keep going. If you're not racing it, treat it as an adventure. It will be over in a flash. In half the time of the average work day, you'll become something that you have always dreamed of.

A marathoner.

I call it a Superhero.

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