Week before marathon

Week before Marathon Prep

The week before the marathon: Take care of yourself! Don't do anything new! I always say this week I will "bubble-wrap" myself.  It is so important to get yourself prepared for next week both physically and mentally.  

  • Visualize yourself running the marathon smiling, feeling strong and powerful. If you get any negative thoughts, shake them out of your mind, you might even yell out loud "I am not listening to you bad thoughts"! Just don't do this in public.... 
  • Drink water during the day and eat some extra carbs with your meals, (e.g. include a bagel with your breakfast, eat some extra healthy snacks during the day, include a baked potato with dinner).  
  • Foam roll, or use your favorite recovery tool at night while your watching TV and/or stretch. Click HERE for some of my favorite stretches. 

2 nights before the marathon. Make a point of going to be early and getting a good night sleep. This night (to me) is the most important rather than the night before, since I can never sleep the night before the race.

The night before get all your stuff ready; clothes, watch, nutrition, pack your check bag, etc. Click HERE for my marathon checklist. 

Race morning wake up, eat your breakfast and meet your fleet fleet family in Bushnell park for a HUGE group photo. 

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