Should I take salt?

Should I take salt tablets?

I never took salt my first marathon. It was not a hot day and I never experienced cramping. I did however experience the worst cramps running the NYC marathon. I got to mile 22 and my calves locked up and I couldn't take another step. I've learned to be proactive during a race and take salt early on to avoid cramping. Once you start cramping it's pretty impossible to recover. Before you go out and purchase salt there are some important factors to consider. First, are you a salty sweater?

Here are some signs you may be a salty sweater and may need to hone in on your hydration for running more carefully.

  • Salt on skin after running
  • Sweat that stings your eyes or cuts
  • White streaks on your clothes, face or hat
  • Your sweat tastes salty
  • You may feel dizzy, or faint when standing

Fleet Feet carries different types of salt tabs. There are some that are chewable and some that are in pill form. Click HEREfor a great article on taking salt during the marathon. If you have high blood pressure I would consult with your doctor prior to taking salt tabs. Again, what works for me might not work for you. 

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