Lessons Learned

Lesson's Learned

Coach Jeanne's:

If you're planning on trying to Boston Quality or you have a finishing time goal, Don't go out too fast!  This was my biggest mistake when I ran my 1st Boston Marathon (and a few other marathons).   I heard this advice from so many people.  I even got this same advice from Kara Goucher that I had met 2 days before I ran that Boston Marathon.  I told her that I was running my first Boston and her advice was "Don't go out too fast".  So I got to the start line and started running!   All the advice that I had gotten was gone.  What did I do?  I went out to fast. I remember looking at my watch and thinking "Wow - am I killing it!  Mile one done! What a pace"! Then the miles started creeping up.  I got to mile 13 and crashed and burned. I ended up walking towards the end of the race.   I  finished,  but not with the time that I set for my goal.  I was beat up both mentally and physically. 
If this is your first marathon and your goal it to finish without a time goal, remember - you will have a PR (personal best)!   This will be the bench mark for your next marathon. Enjoy the race!  Take it all in!  Look at all those crazy signs people are holding up (some of my favorites) 

Listen to the music and sing out loud as you run by!  This is your chance to be slightly obnoxious and get away with it.   Eat the snickers at the candy table.   Just don't drink the beer at mile 21.  (another lesson learned)

When you see the photographers - throw your arms up, smile and scream "Woooooo" (this is an okay time to be a woo girl).  You'll thank me after you get your race photos. I highly recommend putting your name on your shirt!  Let the crowds call out your name especially when you start to get tired. 

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