Marrython 10/19/18

Marrython 10/19/18

“Marrython”– Recap

Finally, after well over 2 years of planning & obsessing over every detail of our wedding, we were off to NYC for our Marrython!  I woke up at 2 am that morning and couldn’t go back to sleep and got up before the alarm went off. Kim and I were so excited to get New York that we got to Reggie’s house ½ early to drive to the train station.  We got our Cumberland coffees with Kahlua and headed off to the Big City.

We were packed with suitcases and 2 large bags filled with welcome bags for our guests.  Kim drove and as usual, I was put me in the back seat due to my travel anxiety (aka the extreme backseat driver) and we were off.   We arrived early enough at the Purdy’s train station and we lucky enough to catch the earlier train!  After getting our train tickets, we took our first “NYC bound selfie” and were beyond excited for our weekend!

We arrived at Grand Central train station in NYC around 8:30 am and headed out on foot directly to Park Lane hotel lugging our luggage through the streets.  Upon arrival we were able to check in early and headed up to our Honeymoon suite.  As we walked into our magnificent room I looked around and noticed a bottle of cabernet and a card on the wet bar.  I thought “Oh this is so sweet, they have a gift for us!”  Then, after I looked at the card I noticed it was made out to Naomi Judd.   Kim said “maybe this was her room before we got there our maybe they just thought I was someone famous?”  It was cool to realize famous people stayed at the hotel but there was another part of me that that was a bit worried, that there was not a mix up and that we may have to share our room with her. Long story short – after checking with the front desk, they said no worries and to keep the wine!

The view of Central Park from our room on the 44th floor was just as beautiful as I remembered from the hotel tour.  After getting settled in we changed into our running gear and went out to explore Central Park with Reggie.  It was cool to bring her to all the places  that we love to run.  Our other friends were arriving later with our wedding outfits and the flowers.  The flowers were absolutely beautiful.  We got them at a local store in Torrington CT.  – Lily & Vine.  The colors were so brilliant with bright yellow, orange and blue.  Tanya Dowd the owner carefully arranged the flowers with greens that complemented and pulled everything together.  When I picked them up and saw them my eyes filled with tears.  There were beautiful when I picked them out with her but when the arrangements were made they far exceeded my expectations.  Lily & Vine is truly spectacular!  Tanya even hugged me when I left!

Angie and Diane arrived later and we headed down to Harry’s bar for a late dinner.  The bartender Gilberto has been there for years and he’s like a seasoned fixture there. He was there back when Leona Helmsley lived there with her dog named “trouble”.  In our previous visits, he told us stories of when she lived there.  Such a sweet man but a bit slow on the service.  My friends patiently waited for their meals which was well worth the wait.  The calamari was the best that they’ve ever had.  We headed to the honeymoon suite and hung out in the living room area taking photos and looking at the past photo books that Kim makes me for our anniversary each year.

After everyone left, Kim and I just sat on the window ledge in our room on the 44th floor to take it all in. We were mesmerized by the lights and beauty of Central Park.  Kim took a photo and said to me “just one more sunrise over Central Park before we get married”

Finally Friday morning arrived!  I messaged Suzy, who said she’s be there for the morning run around Central Park.  That poor girl had worked late and didn’t get home until 1:00 am.  With only 2 hours of sleep she headed off to New Haven to get the train. When I messaged her at 7 am, she said she just got off the train and was heading to the hotel.  I was shocked!  I couldn’t believe she made it!  We met in the lobby at 7:45 am with our “Marrython” bibs, that I made and headed out to Central Park!  We stopped at a few places and people asked what race we were doing.  We told them it was our “Marrython” and they congratulated us.  During our run we found new places we never ran before.  We found a location called “the mall” in Central Park.  It was in the center of Central park with a wide street with statues and trees on each side, which ended at the beautiful Bethesda Terrace and Fountain. We took some awesome photos and headed back to the room to get ready.

Angie, Diane, Reggie and I were starting to get ready.  Kim stayed in the room as long as he could until Angie started to do my hair.  I was so emotional.  I just couldn’t believe it was happening and that I was marrying this amazing wonderful man.  I remembered when he gave me a medal holder that he made for my birthday present when we first started dating.  I noticed a pink ribbon with a silver heart hanging on it like a race medal.  I picked it up to look at it.  I noticed he had inscribed on the back “Dreams Do Come True”.  I cried like a baby when I read it just as I was crying on my wedding day. 

I was finally dressed and ready to go downstairs to meet the wedding planner.  Rosanne came to the door to see me and it was like the flood gates opened again and we both started crying and hugged.  We left to head stairs to walk down the grand staircase that leads to the lobby for Kim to see me for the first time.  I had obsessed for months over the dress and wanted to look beautiful for him.  After months of 100 pushups a day and working out every morning before work, that also included running 3 marathons, I was as ready as I could be.  I walked down the stairs with the girls in front of me, carefully stepping down each step praying I wouldn’t face plant. As I got close to the bottom, our eyes met.  Again, here comes the tears.  He looked so handsome.  I was shaking with excitement.  There was a photographer was taking my photo.  I wasn’t expecting our photographer to be in the hotel, so I said to him “you’re with us right?”, and he laughed and said “yes”!

Kim and I walked outside to meet the horse and carriage.  Let me tell you, I’ve been to NYC quite a few time and have to say, people certainly notice you when you’re walking down 59th street wearing a wedding gown.  People stopped to congratulate us.  I felt like a princess.  I carefully got into the horse drawn carriage and we went for our ride in Central Park.

The photographer would outrun the carriage and take our photo. It was like “where’s Waldo” because he would just appear on the top of rocks taking photos.  He would yell “look at each other” and then he’d yell “now kiss”.  It was cute the first 10-15 times and after a while we just started laughing.  I don’t think I’ve kissed him so many times in a 24 hours period as I did in those 2 hours! 

Our carriage ride was pretty cool although the driver never sat down for the whole ride. It seemed like he stopped and chatted with every homeless person looking for dinner from the parks garbage cans.  Kind of sweet that he knew them, but sort of odd!  Our ride ended back out on 59th street in front of our hotel.  As we crossed 59th street in the cross walk, the photographer had us do the famous Beatles Abbey Road walk across for some photos. We nearly got run over as the traffic lights had changed and we were still in the middle of the intersection. Finally, after dodging the oncoming traffic, we got into the limo and headed to Ladies Pavilion.  When we arrived the wedding planner gave us instructions on the procession of us leading to area.  I could hear our guitar player Glen playing “Marry Me” by train.  He was so talented! 

The ceremony was beautiful.  Kim and I wrote our own wedding ceremony and vows.  She started the ceremony and started with the introductions and then spoke of the loved ones that weren’t with us on our special day and the tears stared again.  She continued with our story of how we met and the miles we shared with each other; running in Norfolk, boat rides on Highland Lake, free for all Fridays, silliness and endless kisses.  Then Kim said his vows to me.

On One “Unforgettable day”

6 years ago in October 2012

Something absolutely Beautiful happened

God sent down his most Beautiful Angel from Heaven to save me

It was like out of nowhere, you appeared

I was Mesmerized, I was in Love

I knew that day what was meant to be

You opened my eyes and my heart

You somehow relit that slowly dying candle inside me

You made me feel Alive

I found love, when I found you

I am forever grateful

I promise to love and cherish

(Gods) Incredibly Beautiful Messenger of Love Forever

I promise to be honest and faithful to you

I promise to keep you warm and happy

I will be the reason you smile

I will be the one holding your hand crossing the finish line


You are the love of my life

You’re the best thing to ever happen to me

We have something so “Beautiful and Magical” together

We are proof that “Dreams” do come true

I never would have “Imagined”

That we would become “Forever One”

Right here in “New York”

I love you Jeanne Corey “Marchand”

This is when I started to cry again.   I had planned to kid around and say the lyrics:

You are the love of my life, you are my inspiration, just you and me, simple and free” by Chicago. But after hearing Kim’s beautiful words, I couldn’t. I immediately went into my vows.

These last 6 years have been the best years of my life.

My life has changed in so many ways.

You’ve taught me so much about love and compassion.

I am a different person since I’ve met you.  You are such a good man. You have such a positive energy that draws people to you.

Since the first time you held my hand and looked into my eyes I loved you.

These are words that describes you and what makes me love you so:











I promise that until my last breath that I will never ever stop loving you.  You are part of me.  Imagine – Forever One

Kim said “that was beautiful, but I thought you were going to sing You are my love of my life”, I started laughing and starting to sing it!

We exchanged rings, kissed and my dreams just came true.  I married the best most amazing man.

Glen started to play “Imagine by John Lennon” and the photographer took over with his silliness having us stage photos.  We started in Ladies Pavilion and then went near the water on the rocks.  “Take a step back” he said “you can do a triathlon, can’t you”?  He was really funny.  He shared with us as we walked around taking photos of us that he has done the 9+1 to get into NYC marathon but his running buddy told him that he was getting married in Cancun the same day!  Again, we heard him say countless times “Stand close to each other”, Stand uncomfortably close”, Now Kiss, stand close, Jeanne tilt your head, Kim tell her a secret.  Kim was so funny as he told me dirty secrets and was making me crack up. We could still hear Glen playing in the distance.

The photographer kept saying “do you need to sit?” and we both would say “no – we are fine” as we walked to Bows bridge and then to Imagine for photos.  I never told them that my toes felt like they were bleeding with blisters, I guess being a runner and learning to deal with pain was on my side at this point.

Finally we were done.  I was bummed that we weren’t able to hear Glen sing more.  From what my friends said Glen was amazing and sang out loud and people just gathered to hear him.  He also left me the nicest text message after.  I would hire him again in a heartbeat.  He was kind, sincere and told us he’d play for us anytime again. Not only did he agree to play for us when I hired him, he emailed us right away asking us for photos so he would know who he was playing for.  His presence made the wedding perfect.

We walked to Tavern on the green and went into the bar to meet our friends.  We were seated in the glass room and had a fantastic dinner celebration.  Tavern on the Green is just magical.  The lighting and the atmosphere makes for a beautiful experience.  After dinner we had our wedding cake that was by far the best cake that I’ve ever had.  When I ordered it, I never told anyone that I asked for “no nuts or raisins” and our guest said “this is the best cake ever”.  After my confession of the missing ingredients that all said it was so good.  It was one of their signature cakes and the frosting was light and so yummy.

We left there and headed for the short walk through Central park back to the hotel.  My BFF Reggie was walking effortlessly as my toes felt like blood was pouring out with each step.  Reggie was smart and packed her soft fluffy moccasins for the walk back.  We laughed when we saw them earlier but she was laughing at us after when our toes were screaming for help.

Then, ahead I saw a race in the park!  There was cheering and excitement.  I asked a runner what was going on and he told me it was the 5 mile ghost run.  Then as I was approaching the finish line, a runner ran past me.  I know this is wrong, but the competitive runner inside of me took over as I started to run with my heels and wedding dress on.  When I crossed the finish line everyone was cheering for me. I was laughing pretty hard at this point and my friends said “I can’t believe you ran with those shoes”, I said “I didn’t want him to beat me!”

Finally we got back to the hotel. I was in the lobby waiting for Kim to get in.  A couple came into the hotel that were let out of a white limo.  The woman walked up to me and said “congratulations” and the husband said “did you just get married”? I said “Yes but my husband is outside somewhere”.  He made a joke and said “he may get lost every now and again and smiled at me” After they walked away Reggie said “That was Naomi Judd”.  I didn’t even notice and I never even thanked her for the bottle of wine!
We all went up to the honeymoon suite to check out the view. When it was time to go to bed, Kim reached over to tell me he loved me, only to find me out cold!

I woke up the next morning and put on my “just married” shirt that Rosanne gave Kim and I.  We went to breakfast and laughed and reminisced of the most wonderful day.  After breakfast, we went back to get the elevator on the 2nd floor to head back up to our room.  Reggie said “Naomi Judd was right in front of us with her husband. I missed them both again. This “just married” mind apparently had me a bit cloudy.

Our friends all left that next morning and Kim and I were left to enjoy our last day in NYC. So we did what we love to do.  We got our running clothes on and set out to enjoy Central Park.  Every time we run there we find a new hidden treasure, new location, new experience that we fall in love with.

We ate at Tavern on the Green again and sat outside. The lighting outside makes you feel like you are in the middle of a chandelier with lights streaming all around you. The food and service was spectacular.  We headed back to The Park Lane Hotel and straight to Harry’s for a nightcap.  We saw Gilberto and got a couple drinks to bring back to our room. We cuddled on the couch and ate carrot cake.  I savored every moment of the night wishing it wasn’t going by so quickly.

Our last day we ate breakfast one more time in the beautiful dining room overlooking Central Park.  We packed and decided to head back to Grand Central to get the 12:10 train.  When we left to walk there Kim said” You know we can just about make the 11:10 train.  Yes, it happened, we took off like we were trying to PR for a race.  I took off power walking ignoring my sore toes and started to sweat.  We got to the train station with seconds to spare as we boarded the early train.  Yes, I had a PR getting there and I also had my husband next to me. 

Kim and I looked at the photos of our wedding on the train ride back to reality.  It was the happiest day of my life.  The wedding was perfect in every way. 

Can’t wait to start the next chapter in my life.

Mrs. Marchand

And they ran happily ever after

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